“The Doctor Can See You Now!”

The Doctor Can See You Now...Why Wait?

father with sick child

There's no convenient time for life's little setbacks!

We know that when someone in your family isn't feeling well, your whole family doesn't feel well. Hearing a medical provider say those words.."THE DOCTOR CAN SEE YOU NOW"..well, there are few things in life more comforting.

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Why wait?

Contact us today. Your new doctor is nearby. Locate a practice nearest you on the map. The red markers indicate the location of a medical practice that is committed to reserving time in their schedule for you as soon as possible, along with their contact information.

You can also visit one of our participating medical practice's websites now by finding the name of the practice nearest you on the map, then go to the blue box on the left side of the screen under the See A Doctor Today logo. Click on "Participating Practice Information". Find your new doctor’s listing and click on that medical office’s (.com) web address. You’ll be immediately linked to their website home page. It’s your choice. Call them directly or learn more about your new doctor from their website. What could be easier?

Inquiries after 3PM may be scheduled the next day.